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Welsh Water’s Capital Delivery Alliance –

Together we are Trusted to Deliver Exceptional Outcomes

Welcome to Welsh Water's Capital Delivery Alliance, a partnership consisting of six best in class organisations with a joint aim of delivering new and improved water, wastewater and energy generation assets, which support excellent services and value for communities and businesses in Wales, Hereford and Deeside.
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AMP6 Close Out

Being aligned to the AMP timetable, we have just completed the first five years of the Alliance, which saw the delivery of a £1bn investment programme across our major asset base.


Our Alliance Business Plan for AMP7 (£600m spend) will help us:

•Improve our environment

•Improve our ways of working

•Enable everyone to outperform

The continued dedication of our people, collaborative spirit, creativity, professional pride and the drive for excellence are essential to our success.


People are at the heart of our AMP7 Business Plan, and contributions from our Alliance community have helped to craft the Plan, creating workstreams and improvement initiatives that balance our operational imperatives with the development of an environment where we can excel.

Our vision reflects our ambition to deliver something exceptional; not just for our Alliance but for our internal customers and for families, businesses and the environment across our operational area. Not just in AMP7, but for future generations
We can do this only if we pull together, and if we focus on our customers’ needs, earn their trust, and trust them in return.
Our part in this is to achieve outstanding performance in delivery of the Capital Programme – creating and improving the assets that our Operations colleagues use to deliver essential services to our customers and the environment.
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Alliance Innovation

To help deliver on Welsh Water’s 2050 vision we each have a crucial role to play in driving innovation.


There is a big driver within the Alliance to deliver efficiency savings and innovation is a key lever to do this. We want:


•A set of tools to enable delivery teams to independently innovate on a day to day basis

•An approach to identify and deliver major innovations across the Alliance

•An approach to report and capture the approach and culture of innovation

•A way to use and embed continuous improvement


Innovation to the Alliance is broader than technical delivery but also includes the management and delivery of the Alliance.

In 2019 Welsh Water enlisted the services of Tina Catling, Innovation Director and Consultant, to introduce the concept of Innovation Catalysts into the Business. A series of workshops took place over a few months which trained over 40 staff from across all departments to bring innovation into Business as Usual.