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Prioress Mill RWPS
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Main Drivers
  • Ageing M&E equipment of existing station, at the end of its design life

  • New consent applied to the station as a result of Habitats Directive drivers to lessen the impact of abstraction on the River Usk,  a  SSSI / SAC

New Station Project Aims
  1. Deliver flows from 21ML/day to 382ML/day                                                           .

  2. Operable at all river levels                       .

  3. Screen abstracted flows to 2mm with new NRW approved screens        .

  4. Flood resilient to 1/1000 flood event       .

  5. Be more efficient

Giken Silent Piler

A Giken silent piler was used when constructing near to the current 48" water main. Piling would not have been possible in this location due to the proximity to the mains. This "press-in" piling method removes the vibration and risk of disturbing the adjacent main. In addition, it removes the vibration that may have been felt by the local residences.

Check out the Giken Piler in action a the site (left) or the information video (below) for more information on its uses.