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Brightwork BV

Our core driver is to make our clients processes perform better. With our team of dedicated experts we are focusing on water and waste water treatment, water reuse, sludge and energy management for both municipal and industrial parties. We offer our clients a range of water treatment products, services and monitoring tools. All these products are carefully tested and successfully implemented for various different applications. We have an international track record of satisfied clients, applying our products and services. For an overview of our products, please have a look at the following websites: and

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WwTP Wijlre tertiary N and P removal

This plant is a nice example of a tertiary nitrogen en phosphorous continuous filter plant, which is using the remote monitoring and control tool Sand-Cycle to monitor the prosper operations of the filter plant 24/7. The dashboards are indicating the real time status of operation of each filter, allowing the filter plant to operate in the most optimal way, achieving good final effluent qualities, meeting the discharge consent levels.

1,200 m3/h tertiary filter for combined nitrogen and phosphorus removal
Refurbishment of Llanberis tertiary BluePro filters (Welsh Water)
Refurbishment of Whitchurch tertiary Colloide filters (Welsh Water)
Commissioning of Llandewi Brefi tertiary filter plant (Welsh Water)

Examples of existing tertiary filter plants, which are currently being refurbished in order to meet the latest consent levels. All plants will be equipped with the Sand-Cycle remote monitoring and control tool to keep the filters in good shape, to help the operators to remotely keep an eye on the assets and to improve the process performance consistently.

Left Image: The existing BluePro filters at Llanberis WwTP are currently refurbished, which means the replacement of the airlifts, washer assemblies, the repair of the internals, new filter sand, Sand-Cycle monitoring and control. After refurbishment the units will efficiently remove total-P.

Middle Image: The existing Colloide tertiary filters at Whitchurch WwTP have never been in good shape for solids removal, let alone P removal. After an initial diagnosis, using Sand-Cycle, a refurbishment process is undertaken and vital filter internal components are exchanged.

Right Image: WwTP Llandewi Brefi is a tiny sewage treatment works, which is struggling with solids, phosphorus and iron consent levels. A tertiary continuous sand filter, equipped with Sand-Cycle monitoring and control is commissioned earlier this year, effectively reducing effluent solids and iron concentrations. At present a tertiary dosing will be implemented to reduce the soluble phosphorus concentrations as well. The Sand-Cycle real-time monitoring is now showed if you connect with us in our booth.

EcoBlue Continuous Sand Filtration

The EcoBlue filter is a continuous sand filter particularly designed to cater for larger capacities. The continuous filtration together with the Sand-Cycle monitoring system is a perfect solution for both water and waste water applications, including tertiary filtration for nitrogen and phosphorous removal.

Sand-Cycle Dashboard Llandewi Brefi

Dashboard visualisation of Sand-Cycle monitoring at Llandewi Brefi tertiary sand filtration

The Sand-Cycle dashboard shows the real-time operational status of the filter plant and enables the operator to view the status remotely. The advantages are:

- The operator is always in control; any anomalies are directly visible, no black boxes.

- The filter performance may be improved, which means that the filter plant will achieve more stringent effluent consent levels.

- Wear and tear parts will typically have a longer lifetime and hence the spare parts costs will be reduced.

- Energy consumption is reduced as we are able to run the plant with less air consumption for sand circulation.

- The uptime of the filter plant is maximized, no surprises as the any offsets are directly and automatically reported to the operator.

Please visit our booth and ask for a real-time remote view of the plant performance. We are happy to show you all the features in detail.

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