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Strategic Response 7

Working with customers and communities

We will work with customers and communities to co-create solutions, share knowledge, and support initiatives
which reduce water use, prevent sewer abuse, and provide wider benefits for communities and the environment.
SR7 - Working with customers and communities with Sally Gronow

This strategic response includes:

Following the consultation, we believe our
approach should go beyond statutory
requirements and identify where working with
customers can help address water supply
challenges. There is an opportunity to
engage households on demand management
and behavioural change as part of this
strategic response, delivered through
effective customer communication, education
and stewardship.
Demand management:
• We will work with customers to help them
understand the value of water and reduce
their demand, helping them save money
too, through initiatives and advice on
water-saving devices, water harvesting
and recycling grey water. Energy costs
associated with heating water are
significant for both households and
businesses and also can be addressed
through demand management.
Behaviour change:
• Develop an improved understanding of
customers in Wales and opportunities to
change behaviour and enhance their
participation in water cycle management.
• Investigate new behavioural techniques
help customers to avoid introducing
inappropriate solids into the sewer
• Adopt smart metering and the Internet of
Things in relation to our services to help
customers manage their water use.
• Raise awareness about impacts that our
systems and misuse of sewers have on
the environment, and work with customers
to reduce these.
• Examining incentives for customers to
drive behavioural change, such as
wastewater metering to reduce discharge
Communication and education:
• Improving education and awareness of
water issues of both general public (on
demand management and stewardship)
and landowners (on pollutants).
• Educate about the process of delivering
safe, clean drinking water. Lead the way
in educating households. From our
consultation, members want to know
about how they can help to alleviate some
of the stress on the water system.
• Increase awareness and understanding of
blue infrastructure: RainScape provides
us with opportunities to raise awareness
of the link between urban water quality,
sensible use and our water sources in
upland catchments.

Research and Innovation

Welsh Water will explore the following
research topics to support this initiative:
• Understand the behavioural economics
behind water use, encouraging customers
to pay bills, accepting help, blockage
reductions, willingness to go on a meter;
• Understand how to influence customers to
use appropriate channels for contact, for
example, using the website and chat bot
for frequently asked questions;
• Work with the Consumer Council for
Water to harness the findings of their
‘triangulation project’ to build a better
customer evidence base (ICF, 2017);
• Horizon scanning on customer
communication technologies; and
• Understanding smart technologies that
could help customers and business users
reduce their water use.

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