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AMP6 - Peak Flow Equivalent Treatment (PFET)

Peak Flow Equivalent Treatment

  • Intermittent sidestream Process to treat flows in excess of existing biological treatment, which when blended with biological final effluent will result in compliant effluent discharge

  • WWETCO FlexFilterTM selected after a trial of several technologies

  • Combined Rainscape and PFET solution will be a saving of ~£450M against the Conventional Solution to deliver Water Quality Improvements in the Loughor Estuary

AMP6 - PFET - WWETCO 1.jpg

Llanelli PFET Schematic

PFET: Peak Flow Equivalent Treatment.

The Treatment philosophy is that a portion of flow in excess of Flow to Full Treatment which did spill to storm tanks, and then to the estuary are now treated to an equivalent level that when blended with secondary biological treated effluent, the blended effluent shall be < Final Effluent Consent.

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AMP7 - Peak Flow Equivalent Treatment (PFET)

In AMP7, we look to explore add to our portfolio of sidestream technologies which have the ability to:

  • Treat diluted (storm water) to a level which when combined back with Final Effluent, will remain beneath discharge consent

  • Be low maintenance, and have the ability to switch from a standby mode to full operation to react to storm / high flow conditions

  • Low TOTEX cost solutions

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