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Ant Hire Solutions

Ant Hire Solutions provide specialist pipeline-related equipment and expertise to the UK’s civil engineering, water and construction industries. With over 200 years’ combined experience, we help the UK’s largest businesses work efficiently and safely. We’re experts in providing the equipment and skills our customers need to find answers to their challenges, delivered swiftly across our UK-wide network and backed up by our trained support staff. These include: • Pipeline pressure testing • PIPE pressure testing analysis software • Vertform manhole base construction system • Pipeline flowcontrol/stoppers • Air test stoppers • Pipeline inspection systems • Robotic cutters Our equipment comes from noted manufacturers including SAVA, LAMPE, IBAK and IMS Robotics, as well as being developed in-house by our expert engineers. . Ant Hire Solutions own product range includes the innovative Vertform® manhole base construction system, unique pipeline pressure testing equipment and our PIPE remote pipeline testing and analysis software. Ant Hire Solutions is partner to companies across the UK, offering guidance and equipment tailored to our customers’ challenges. For more information on our products and services, please call our experts on 0333 567 3192, email us at or visit

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Vertform® - Manhole Base Construction

Vertform® is proven to produce exceptional results. For every project, our team review your construction plans to make sure the Vertform® system is specified to the exact requirements of the project, ensuring you get a durable, high-quality finish in the shortest possible timeframe.


Designed and developed by Ant Hire Solutions, Vertform® is a totally unique system that allows manhole inverts to be constructed quickly, safely and easily by unskilled teams.


Find out more about Vertform® on our website


Vertform® 3 way connection
Vertform® diameter change
Vertform® toe holds


PIPE Data Management

Our Pipeline Installation Performance Evaluator, PIPE, has been developed and designed by Ant Hire Solutions to help transform pipeline pressure testing through a unique combination of accurate data logging technology and a real-time data management dashboard.


With our data logging technology, real-time performance analysis and expert intervention, we can instantly relay vital test information to the operatives on site. This ensures issues with leakage and excess air content are responded to immediately, saving time, keeping people safe and helping ensure only leak-free pipelines enter the network.




With PIPE, contractors and operatives have real-time access to the information and analysis required to ensure all their hydrostatic pressure tests are delivered safely, efficiently and to industry compliance standards.


  • Single view of test safety, compliance and leakage data in real time.
  • GPS-enabled, location specific testing and co-ordination, improving operational productivity.
  • Highly accurate information and analysis to support effect decision making and client quality assurance.
  • The ability to drill down through the data for insight and analysis by location, site and operator.
  • Every completed test result is stored for reference.
  • All 'passed' certificates downloadable from a single location.


Contractors can also benchmark their performance by tests passed first time, air safety breaches and leakage against the all-industry data set, identifying areas for improvement and training.


Find out more about PIPE Data Management on our website

Pressure Test

Customer Onboarding

Without accurate hydrostatic pressure testing, pipelines may be unable to withstand the pressures of constant use, so identifying leaks early can eliminate more expensive and time-consuming problems down the line.


As the industry leaders in hydrostatic pipeline pressure testing, we have the equipment, expert intervention and on-site support to help ensure your pressure tests are undertaken safely, efficiently and in line with industry standards, every time.




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