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ATi UK design, manufacture and deliver engineered, analytical sensor monitoring solutions for water quality and gas detection applications and provide specialist insights on water quality data analytics. Pioneering the development and deployment of innovative, industry-leading, customer focused water and gas monitoring solutions, we set the standards of the water we drink and the air we breathe, whilst delivering first-class customer support.

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MetriNet: Modular, Multi-Parameter Smart Water Quality Monitors for Networks

MetriNet is a pioneering breakthrough in water quality monitoring from ATi UK. This smart sensor technology offers a sustainable solution to industry’s complex challenges, driving down complaints, increasing SIM scores and resulting in pro-active network management to safeguard water quality.

The pioneering MetriNet is a low-powered, modular system for monitoring water quality and collecting data, featuring the industry-leading smart M-Node. Its modular nature, suitable for a variety of applications, enables users to assemble a monitoring package to fit individual site requirements.

By overlaying water quality data on to that of pressure, flow, transient and acoustics, MetriNet allows customers to see that when leaks occur, there are significant changes in parameters, such as chlorine and turbidity. The bigger the effect on water quality, the more significant the leak.

Through continuous use of MetriNet’s water quality sensors, ATi UK can deliver vital data and insights to the end user. This will revolutionise the way the water industry, helping networks operate in a more efficient and proactive way.


Through ATi UK’s ongoing Source to Tap philosophy, we are committed to continually developing new and innovative solutions to ensure the guardianship and protection of water. This commitment has led to ATi UK being the only company able to provide an intelligent and sustainable Source to Tap journey, thanks to our industry-leading range of water quality monitors. Our varied and flexible solutions provide no-compromise water quality monitoring in service reservoirs, pipes, valves, meter chambers and hydrants, along with measuring right through to the end user.

Our intelligent solutions create real-time awareness of water quality throughout the cycle and suggest optimal control mechanisms to ensure the efficient delivery of high-quality water, reducing the risk of compliance violations and customer complaints.

We use the same sensors throughout our Q Series and Network Monitoring ranges, which makes them interchangeable, simple to use, with minimal training, allowing a single procurement route. This approach offers customers simplicity, range, low risk and sustainable water quality from Source to Tap, continuing to make a lasting difference in the lives of the communities that water companies serve. These solutions also help utilities make progress on the problems that matter most: water accessibility, environmental sustainability, resilience and affordability.


ATi UK’s new NephNet portable, online turbidity monitor with Bluetooth interface allows customers to see a clearer picture of their networks, offering unrivalled access to turbidity data.

Our Innovation Hub re-engineered and developed a superior solution to our portable turbidity monitoring, whilst retaining our tried and trusted turbidity sensor. The new NephNet is a  Remote Telemetry Unit housed in an superior, water-tight enclosure that powers and controls the turbidity sensor.

Featuring a powerful rechargeable battery and optional Bluetooth interface, NephNet generates live data, accessed via the dedicated app, and transmits to the web portal for easy, remote access.  Alarm thresholds can be set that will trigger an immediate connection to the web portal, sending alerts to predefined contacts.

MetriNet multi-parameter smart water quality solution
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