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DMS is an IoT (Internet of Things) devices company, specialising in drainage, sewerage and other water-related applications. We have developed a range of low-power sensors that communicate via the cellular network, and have 5+ years battery life, meaning they can be deployed in almost any location with minimum cost or effort.

Our devices collect crucial operational information that can be viewed in real-time via our online portal, and allow you to make more intelligent maintenance decisions, saving operational cost, and improving the service to your customers. They also improve your environmental and social impact through reducing carbon emissions and polluting overflows.

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Welsh Water Case Study

A site in Conwy was experiencing flooding affecting 3 residences and a school, thought to be partially due to tidal issues.

Since 2014 there have been:

  • 3 serious external flooding events due to hydraulic overload + 1 due to other causes
  • 7 other flooding events due to hydraulic overload + 4 due to other causes


We installed four DMS Smart Access Covers in this area, focusing on the potential problematic assets. These covers collect hourly water level data in the chambers, and have allowed Welsh Water to understand the rise and fall in level over time, and map that against tidal behaviour.


By understanding the root cause of the flooding, and taking appropriate action to prevent flooding, Welsh Water has estimated this project has the potential to save £700,000, as well as provide significant social and environmental benefits.

DMS Online Portal
DMS Smart Access Cover components
Cycle-safe Smart Access Cover installed
DMS Smart Access Cover

DMS Smart Access Covers allow you to remotely monitor the water level within your sewer chambers. You will also receive text & email alerts when the level exceeds a threshold, so you can dispatch a crew before an overflow event occurs.


All devices use cellular communications and have 5+ years battery life, so they can be installed quickly, without additional infrastructure.


Our composite covers have additional benefits, including cycle-safety due to their high-grip surface, ease of maintenance and installation, due to their light weight, and the elimination of 'clanking' noise pollution generated by poorly fitted metal covers.


When resurfacing a road, our ‘Smart Ready’ Access Covers can be installed for the same cost as a cast iron cover, providing the immediate benefits of our composite covers, and allowing you to install the sensor device at a later date, when required.


DMS Sewer Alarm

Sewer Alarm installation

The UDlive Sewer Alarm is a more mobile version of the Smart Access Cover that can easily be moved from site to site.

The device is attached to an extendable metal bracket, and sits within a sewer chamber, beneath the existing cover. It regularly measures and broadcasts water depth, and installation time is under 5 minutes.

By installing the Sewer Alarm at sites with recent or historic issues, you can eliminate the need for visual inspections of the sewer chamber. This takes vans off the road, reduces emissions and overflows, and allows the operations team to focus on more productive activities.

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