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SUEZ is a world leader in water and waste management and has been for 160 years. SUEZ operates on five continents, on which SUEZ harnesses all its desire for innovation to achieve a smart and sustainable management of resources throughout the world. Our company works with its customers to restore and conserve the planet's fundamental elements; water, air and soil. The SUEZ Smart & Environmental Solutions Business Unit aims to accelerate the development and deployment of smart environmental solutions on a global scale.

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Smart and Environmental Solutions

The SUEZ Smart and Environmental Solutions Business Unit aims to accelerate the development and deployment of smart environmental solutions on a global scale. We support local authorities in the digital transformation of their services, helping to protect natural resources by contributing to the development of smarter, more sustainable cities.

Because the environmental challenges are great, we provide solutions to improve control of water and energy consumption, and to assist in reducing wastage. We integrate data collection solutions (smart meters, sensors and probes) to provide digital models and real-time applications, thus moving towards rational use of resources and resilience in times of crisis.

Satelite Leak Detection
Aquadvanced User Interface

SUEZ is determined to offer the best available solutions to its customers. As part of this constant pursuit, SUEZ invests in developing new technologies as well as partnering with best-in-class solutions to create differential value for the industry. Just to name a few:


SUEZ has partnered with Utilis to deliver their Satellite Leak Detection System. Using the same technology that finds water on other planets, Utilis analyses satellite imagery to detect leaks and non-revenue-water. This is a fresh approach providing a non-invasive method to the problem of urban water leakage. When compared with other leak detection methodologies, satellite-based leak detection identifies more leaks per day.


SUEZ's Optimatics is changing the trajectory of public infrastructure, powering outcome-driven analytics strategies that help utilities achieve new levels of economic, operational and community impact. With Optimatics, infrastructure leaders leverage an intelligent platform combined with their engineering judgment to explore the full range of options and tackle complex decision-making with confidence.


SUEZ’s Aquadvanced brings together the expertise gathered from managing water for over 150 years, the best solutions conceived by the most talented players in the industry and the most forward thinking minds from academia. SUEZ’s Aquadvanced Suite provides a software skin that makes the existing operational technologies become smart at every stage of the water cycle, helping our customers manage more efficiently its catchment, treatment, distribution, collection and return into the environment.


Aquadvanced Urban Drainage Optimisation

SUEZ’s solution for smart wastewater networks is Aquadvanced Urban Drainage, which optimises the operation of the sewage system, maximises the capacity of the infrastructure and treatment capacity and reduces flooding events.


Aquadvanced Urban Drainage implements a digital twin of the system in order to look into the future and to anticipate how, when and where flooding and pollution risks could occur, and take action to tackle them before they even happen.


Aquadvanced can be configured to three different levels depending on what the customer's needs are and where they are on their journey to a fully optimised network: Monitoring to provide a hypervision across the system, Early warning to look into the future and anticipate events and, finally, Advanced Control to implement best operational strategies and control the assets similarly to what the NOCS project is doing for the distribution network.


SEWCUS Network Optimisation Project - NOCS

NOCS trial area map

The Network Optimisation and Control System (NOCS) Project is currently implementing a real-time optimisation and control solution, Aquadvanced Energy, in the SEWCUS area. In addition to savings in terms of energy costs and CO2 emissions, benefits can also include significant system efficiencies such as a reduction in water production, improved water quality and increased system resilience.


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