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Bewdley Bank 

Service Reservoir

Experience from 40+

service reservoirs

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To increase the resilience of Hereford’s water supply network, MMB was tasked with the design and build of additional treated water storage. This project involved a review of the existing storage network and the use of DCWW’s Risk & Value (R&V) process to determine the best overall outcome: a 34ML service reservoir adjacent to the existing reservoir at Bewdley Bank.

The additional storage will increase the network’s ability to cope with fluctuations in demand and provide increased contingency in the event of a loss of source supply to the water treatment works.


Issued two intervention briefs, both for additional storage, we identified the measure of success was to increase network resilience, regardless of storage split between the two sites.

The R&V was used to help select the best overall outcome. Being delivered as part of another scheme, a new 700mm trunk main from Bewdley Bank to Hereford meant that stored water at Bewdley Bank could supply a greater proportion of the network, which confirmed the best investment case.

The resulting design and construction efficiencies from opting to invest at just one site has allowed for the construction of an extra 13ML of storage available to the network – equating to ~6 hours of additional network resilience.

Procurement-based design

Procurement-based design drove efficiencies throughout:

  1. Determine need – what is the root cause of the problem and what do we need to construct to solve it?

  2. Engage supply chain early – what is readily available and what are the limits within the supply chain?

  3. Complete design - Complete detailed design to accommodate the products available in the market.

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Our semi-precast concrete service reservoir product

We have worked on 40+ service reservoir projects in the last three AMP cycles and have developed a standard product for semi-precast service reservoirs. Bewdley Bank uses this and benefits from best practice guides and lessons learnt from previous schemes, to further hone the process and drive further efficiencies:

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Digital innovation

3D software Revizto was trialled at Bewdley Bank, allowing us to move through the 3D design model viewing the structure from all angles. This was used in meetings with DCWW operations and proved particularly useful during the access, lifting and maintenance reviews. 

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Want to learn more? Speak to Stephen Cambell @ MMB 

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