Strategic Response 2

Enough water for all

Confronted with an increasing water supply demand gap due to population growth and drier summers due to climate change, we will use our Water Resource Management Plan to ensure the water supply demand balance to 2050. We propose to implement water transfers, demand management measures and leakage reduction programmes to address any deficits, whilst recognising the possible need to support other parts of the UK
SR2 - Enough water for all with Ian Brown

This strategic response includes:


Research and Innovation

Welsh Water will explore the following research topics to support this strategic response:
• Understand interventions that promote water conservation by consumers, businesses and community groups. This could include exploring the success of approaches such as reduced flushing, rainwater harvesting, greywater recycling, water labelling on appliances, smart metering and dynamic pricing;
• Assess the benefits of ‘smart’ metering, particularly for business customers;
• Assess the impacts of climate change on water abstractions, in terms of water availability, impact on the environment, and the use of catchment management to optimise water quantity and quality for ecosystems;
• Understand the possible role of local, community based water supply systems including local abstraction, treatment, and distribution methods;
• Understand and develop approaches to manage the uncertainty of climate change projections and water resources management planning;
• New market opportunities through trading water across company boundaries, taking advantage of new water trading incentives; and
• Low cost desalination opportunities, for example, graphene sieves.

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