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AMP6 - Event Duration Monitoring (EDM)

Event Duration Monitoring – A Regulatory requirement to provide information on the frequency and duration of all intermittent sewage discharges Over the AMP, we have successfully completed installation monitoring of ~ 2000 intermittent discharge consents Spill events can be monitored and reported, using the block spill method.

AMP7 - Event Duration Monitoring (EDM)

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The most clear and important output from the EDM project has been the improvement to the protection of public health and enhancement of the environment for current and future generations, by enabling the targeted delivery of solutions that achieve the right environmental outcomes. The success of this project also gives Welsh water the ability to meet it's legal and environmental obligations. It also sends a clear message to the regulatory authorities and customers that the business has strong ethical principles, building trust, enhancing reputation and delighting customers. Therefore AMP7 will be spent improving the accuracy of the monitoring installations and ensuring instrumentation used is functioning correctly.

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