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AMP6 - RainScape/SUDs

RainScape is the separation, storage and slowing down of rainwater to reduce the flooding and pollution from Combined Sewer Overflows (CSO). Including swales, basins, planters, rain gardens, water butts, tree pits, surface water networks in public spaces, community centres, schools, parks, roads. The Captial Alliance has helped RainScape become business as usual in Welsh Water –a step change from traditional below ground high OPEX/carbon solutions. This promotes partnership working and customer centres solutions –as per NRW’s Sustainable Management of Natural Resources.

AMP7 - RainScape/SUDs

AMP7 Rainscape(Anchor)

Benefits of RainScape, meeting regulatory drivers, green space, biodiversity, amenity, awards. ​Reduced carbon, flooding, CSO pollution. ​

AMP7 - RainScape will play an even more important role in improving water quality across wales, reducing harmful pollutants/flooding and delivering secondary benefits to communities (amenity, green space, reduced carbon etc).

Additional Information

Welsh Water Gelli Road RainScape - Llanelli Booklet

Halfway and Northumberland Sewage Pumping Stations

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