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AMP6 - Internal Flooding

A Welsh Water commitment to reduce the number of customers suffering from flooding to their property resulting from hydraulic overload of the public sewer.​​ Over AMP 6 we delivered schemes resolving flooding to over 200 properties including some of Welsh Water’s worst served customers. ​​In addition, we investigated the root cause of flooding for a further 141 schemes serving many more customers to help aid future investment planning. ​​The benefits to the customers for these scheme are numerous. ​These include the ability to remove the properties from the flooding register thereby increasing house prices, the increase in customer satisfaction and removing inconvenience by resolving longstanding flooding problems and removing the need to close businesses during flooding and clean up. ​​There are also more widespread benefits to the local community including the release of fire brigade appliances to help others instead of pumping flood wastewater.

AMP7 - Internal Flooding

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At the start of AMP7 we have been investigating the flooding root cause for a total of 97 properties suffering from sewer flooding. Combined, these customers have reported flooding to their properties on 292 occasions. ​These investigations will help form the basis of upcoming flooding programmes containing schemes identified for delivery on site. ​ AMP7 will see a new approach to the level of flood protection provided to the properties for flooding schemes in delivery. Rather than providing the traditional 1 in 30-year return period property protection at every location in order to remove properties from the flooding register, sometimes leading to higher scheme costs for relatively little additional benefit, a risk-based approach will be taken. ​ We will be assessing the options to resolve the flooding for various degrees of flood protection and providing more cost-effective solutions which significantly reduce flood risk to properties. The money saved will enable more flooding customers to benefit from schemes that might otherwise be unaffordable within the programme budget, driving improvement in Welsh Water’s flooding performance and helping with its aim to be one of the top performing water companies for flooding in the UK.

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Llangoed Public Consultation Poster - English

Llangoed Public Consultation Poster - Welsh

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