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Environmental On Site Practice

Paper cups

We have eliminated plastic and polystyrene cups from our sites. The paper cones from Lyreco are compostable and biodegradable @ £2.39 [er 200 cups. 'Duni'biodegradable coffee cups also available at Lyreco – 12cl pack of 50.

Battery-operated generator 

On the Birchgrove site, the noisy generator providing power supply for the abstraction pump has been replaced with the LightGreen Power Pack = no noise emissions to nearby residents.

Printer ink cartridges

Contact Lyreco who supply the printer ink cartridges and they will supply a green cardboard box, Please return your empty toner cartridges in plastic bags inly and place in the green box.


Request a portable batteries collection box from ERP recycling. ERP will send a red cardboard box for you to fill and they will come to collect the box off site.

Electric Charging Points

On Station Road and Kingfisher Court SPS sites, electric charging points were installed to be used by electrix/hybrid vans and cars to offset carbon emissions.

Prolectric ProTemp Solar Lighting

On the Mermaid Quay site located in Cardiff Bay, the team have hired Prolectric ProTemp Solar Lighting.


It is a temporary solar lighting column that delivers powerful and reliable year-round lighting without noise or emissions for sites such as construction compounds.


The Porlectric ProTemp Solar Light has the following benefits:

  • Zero carbon: No Fumes or greenhouse gas emissions.

  • Zero noise: Benefits for urban locations and night projects.

  • Zero fuel: No diesel costs, spills, or refuelling.

  • Zero maintenance: Install and forget technology

H2O Solar Pod

The H2O Solar Pod provides sustainable power and water supply to remote site locations. The Pod combines solar PV with a backup generator and large water tank. On the Blackmill CSO site we trialed out the H2O solar pod, unfortunately due to the location of the site being situated in the middle of a valley it was too shaded which resulted in limited electricity generation.

Science Based Targets

Morgan Sindall Infrastructure is one of 285 companies to have set greenhouse gas emissions reduction targets in line with what is required to meet the goals of The Paris Agreement and avert dangerous climate change.

Carbon Innovation

Bubble Tubing® is a micro bubble linear diffuser that creates a curtain of bubbles in the water. It has been trialled on the Blackmill site for the river crossing. Bubble Tubing® has been also trialled with Natural Resources Wales to reduce dirty, silt laden water getting washed downstream, during essential works.


Bubble Tubing® also introduces oxygen to the bed of the river, pond or lake where it is needed the most. Aeration prevents ecosystem damage such as fish kill as well as provide the required dissolved oxygen to control and prevent algal blooms by reducing nutrient availability in the water, breaking down excess nitrogen and locking phosphorus into the aerobic sediments.


Bubble Tubing® can also reduce the impact of noise and vibrations on aquatic fauna.

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