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Invenio Systems

Our mission is to solve the water industry’s most challenging problems using new technology and new ways of working with information. We develop techniques to collect and analyse data, which produce better information for investment and operational decisions.
Examples include:
• identifying new and old leakage on networks (Street Level Sensing)
• identifying domestic leakage, understanding day and night usage on a per property level, determining areas’ water balance, etc. (Stop.Watch Survey - Cartref)

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Stop.Watch for Cartref

Invenio uses Stop.Watch technology to find leakage, identify high users and assess night flow.

Invenio’s Stop.Watch loggers are deployed to each stop tap in an area. Domestic leaks are identified on a per-property basis using AI and visual data analysis. The aggregate data from all properties in an area provides information about usage.

DCWW uses Invenio’s results to repair leaks on the network and on domestic properties, deliver targeted water efficiency products, and review certain assumptions about water in the network.

Various Stop.Watch Outcomes
Nine sensors are used to subdivide this example area in Powys into 7 regions
SLS loggers require a simple installation on the outside of water mains
An example SLS deployment using simple, non-intrusive methods

Street Level Sensing (SLS) enables a rapid, focussed response to new network leaks.

SLS is not dependant on leak noise transmission or network pressure, so it is suitable where acoustic and pressure loggers are not: in both urban and rural areas with widely spaced assets, and on networks with metal and/or plastic pipes.

SLS equipment is deployed on the outside of network pipes, requiring non-intrusive, inexpensive installations. 5-10 loggers deployed at key locations cover an area of ~500 properties. 10-15 installations are used for a 500 – 1000 property area.

Street Level Sensing Outcomes

SLS uses AI on a live thermodynamic model with real time temperature data from key deployment locations on a water network to identify new leaks as they occur, and highlights the area in which they appear.

Notifications are sent to operations teams to respond rapidly in the targeted area.

Cartref Programme

A summary of water in a sample Cartref area

The Cartref Programme is Invenio’s response to DCWW’s leakage delivery framework Lot 4.

‘Cartref’ is Welsh for ‘Home.’ The programme targets 200,000 properties in AMP 7, aiming to find and fix domestic leakage, identify high users, and reassess the nightline.

Cartref areas are selected because traditional leakage detection methods have not succeeded in finding the water suspected to be in the areas. Invenio’s novel methods produce a more detailed and precise breakdown on a per-property level and area-wide level.

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