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Morrison Utility Services

Morrison Utility Services has a clear vision to deliver what we promise for our people and clients and to be the leading utility services provider in the UK & Ireland. Working collaboratively with utility asset owners in the water, gas, and electricity sectors helping them repair, renew, refurbish and maintain their infrastructure, our purpose is to keep people connected, households and businesses warm, taps flowing and the lights on.

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Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

What is RPA?
RPA is a non-invasive technology, it utilises software-based robots to emulate human error in high-volume, repetitive digital tasks, thereby optimising productivity and enabling our people to focus on value added activities.

What can it do?

•Full end-to-end digital processing

•Extract structured data from documents

•Validation of data based on criteria

•Copy data from one system to another

•Make complex calculations

•Periodic report generation & dissemination

•Complete forms and move files/folders

Benefits of RPA
• £120m Worth of payment applications submitted
• 250,000 Safe Digs produced annually
• 100% Compliance against script
• Rapid Scaling - Able to ramp up/down to accommodate volumes

Morrison Utility Services leverages leading-edge technology to transform our approach to digital processing and deliver substantial and measurable efficiencies.

RPA in Action

This video is a short snippet of an entire process completed by Robotic Process Automation (RPA). The video shows the virtual robot (Bot) logging into a website used for utility drawings. It makes the correct selections for the drawings, this is done so quickly that all that can be seen is a quick flash as it makes the selection. All drawings are then saved to a local folder by default.

The Bot then opens the emails to collate all the drawings it has done and saves them in a folder with a predefined name.

RPA has been used on the DCWW WNA contract to help create dig packs quickly, and that are safe and error free.

Using RPA for Essential Activities

Up to 60,000 cable strikes occur in the UK each year.

Morrison Utility Services create safe dig packs that are now being undertaken by RPA. This removes human error from the dig packs ensuring that digs are accurate and safe. Introducing RPA onto the contract has allowed staff members to perform more value-added work.

Accurate safe dig packs prepared by RPA help to ensure excavations avoid underground pipes and cables, therefore reducing the number of cable strikes each year. This is why this process has been automated within the DCWW WNA contract, and RPA provides the flexibility to scale according to need whilst adhering to strict compliance every time.

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